Employee Assessments

hr-initiatives-interviewHow to Use Assessments
Using assessments (some people call them tests) can help you speed up the time it takes to get to know employees and candidates and helps them increase their self-awareness to help enhance communication, manage more easily and select with more confidence.

Selecting the right person for the job is difficult – assessments can help you confirm the “gut” feelings you have about an employee’s behavioral style – if you know they will do the job you’re considering them for, you’ll know if they high a strong chance of succeeding in your culture.

Assessments will help you decide how to plan for the future, lead your people to success and not set them up to fail.

  • Is the technical person you are considering going to succeed as a manager?
  • Is the manager your want to move into sales going to fly or fall?
  • Will the next rising star be able to make it as an executive leader?

Build your organizational strength.

  • Identify the strengths of your team, provide them with that vocabulary and offer them coaching to build upon those skills.
  • Find the weaknesses of your team, help them mitigate them or hire others to fill the gaps.

What assessment or tool should you use?
We have numerous other assessments to help you with your hiring, development, coaching individuals, promotional decisions and teambuilding and we will help you figure out which tool to use that’s going to accomplish your goals and meet your budget:

  • Workplace Attitudes, Honesty, Work Ethic
  • Behavioral Preferences
  • Peer or 360 Degree Feedback
  • Intelligence
  • Software – MS Office
  • Skills based – math skills, verbal skills, leadership, management style, and other job specific testing

Certified:  Advanced DISC Assessments and Harrison Assessments 

Certified Professional Behavior Analyst and Certified Professional Coach

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