Representative Projects

hr-initiatives-careersCompliance Review and Correction for Personnel Files and Essential HR Administration
An international firm construction management with a US subsidiary asked us to review their HR practice for compliance in a multi-state division in order to prepare for growth and protect the company from potential issues.  We reviewed the personnel files, handbook, processes and procedures, benefits administration and I9 compliance and found various areas needing attention.  Following the review, we developed a plan to bring the company into compliance, trained their staff and handled the project work over a three month period.

Recruiting and Training a Team
A privately held $8M construction firm was bringing an accounting team in-house we needed to hire and train 4 new team members. Part of the process was to screen them using Advanced DISC, a behavioral assessment, for desirable behavior characteristics to discern if they had style preferences that would work in the culture.  Additionally, since it was a new team we used the assessments to create a team-building session focusing on team dynamics and stages of team evolution.

Team Building
A privately held $20M consumer products firm was experiencing silos and dysfunction between directors and their teams.  In a three phase project, we completed a study of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and worked through related exercises to work with the team leaders to build trust.  Next, we used the DISC to work on increased understanding and appreciation of behavior styles within each team, also encouraging adaptations of style for each person.  Last, we combined departments (call center, warehouse, sales, product development, sourcing, accounting etc.) with synergy or issues to do cross functional training.  We also included diversity training where appropriate.

Team Building and Executive Coaching
Coaching and Team building with a team of five leaders in an adult daycare included administering the Advanced DISC to each team member, then structuring group team building and private coaching with each person to develop leadership skills in the team over a three month period.  Used books, articles, homework and discussion of specific situations to encourage growth as individuals and accountability and conflict management skills as a team. Worked with the Executive Director for three months in bi-weekly coaching sessions and continuing from there in monthly meetings to help her develop her management skills and handle ongoing situations as they occur.

Use of the Harrison Assessment in many situations to discern if a candidate is likely to be successful in a new role, either as a new hire or a promotional opportunity in many situation, from HR Director, Civil Engineer, Landscaping PM, Accounting Manager and Project Manager etc.  Gaining insight into capabilities, preferences, performance under stress and more helps develop additional, personalized interview questions and guidance on managing and motivating the candidate.

Team Building
Working with a church staff on team building in order to gain more understanding of different communication styles that were causing conflict and misunderstandings.  We used Advanced DISC to highlight the different styles.  Lead 2 hour team building session to explain and introduce the concepts. Coached individuals with particular issues how to adapt to and understand different styles they were in conflict with in the course of their work.

Recruiting Projects
For a clients in varying industries –  pet-care hospitality, CPA firm, land development company, hardware tech firm, and health care systems – handle full cycle recruiting for specific positions including developing job description and ad, posting ads, job fairs, screening resumes, conducting phone interviews, arranging and participating in face to face interviews, checking references, background, developing and making offers of employment.

Compensation Planning
Developed a comprehensive compensation plan for an IT systems/health care claims firm including comparing current salaries to market, based on job descriptions and experience, company size and industry as well as geographic area to create salary bands/grades for all positions within the firm.  Also developed recommendations for increase budgeting and market adjustments as needed.

HR Processes
Developed processes for full cycle of employee life cycle, including recruiting, on-boarding, performance management, compensation, discipline and termination, in order for this pharma technology firm to become SAS 70 compliant.

Special Projects
Developing handbooks, offer letters, job descriptions, open enrollment and insurance renewals, policies and procedures, assessing need for ongoing HR support and developing job description and hiring the HR professional.

HR Consulting and Administration
For an accounting software firm in the hospitality sector, we offer ongoing advice at a strategic level to executive management and handle the day to day HR administration including new hire and termination paperwork, record keeping, auditing files and handbooks, developing policies, training internal staff on benefits administration and generalist duties. Develop special projects such as implementing a Drug Free Workplace, recruiting or training or developing new processes.

Coaching High Potential Professionals for a Fortune 100 CorporationSupporting a global leadership development initiative by coaching a group of talented leaders at the Director level, in one:one sessions over a four month period.

Contract Training for a National Health Care Company

Present topics to their group insurance clients in the southeast on a variety of topics including Behavioral Interviewing, Change Management, Developing Passion, Time Management, College Preparation, Improving Communication Skills, Managing People Effectively, Addressing Performance Concerns, Stress Management, Anger in the Workplace etc.